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A valuable resource for the literature on Hellenistic astrology.


A colorful introduction to ancient astrology.


Offers biographies of astrologers and articles on a wide variety of topics related to ancient astrology.


An engaging, critical resource dedicated to mainly Greek and Roman ancient astrology and divination. Lists studies, reviews, ancient commentaries and astrological bibliographies.

Michael Molnar, a Rutgers University astronomer, makes a convincing argument for the date astrologers (magi) would have chosen for the birth of Jesus.


n academic approach to the history of astrology. Lists journals, research guides and resources related to the topic.


A list of astrologers who offer to read your horoscope as their ancient Greek and Roman counterparts would have done it.


One of the best places to go if you're "into" astrology.


This site is a valuable encyclopedia of religious and scientific links.


For those who would like to have their horoscopes read according to the rules of classical astrology should visit this charming site and set up a reading. It is also a rich and colorful resource.


A web site with its eye mainly on the 50 plus crowd which offers horoscopes, travel tips, games, jokes, trivia, net friends, financial tips and information on retirement centers.


Here's the place to go if you are interested in Indian Vedic astrology. An especially interesting feature is that this site offers horoscopes that, like ancient Greek and Roman horoscopes, focus on your moon sign instead of your sun sign.


A fun source for zodiac e-cards that allows you to customize, personalize, preview and email your greeting.


A well put together site that focuses on Indian astrology.


This site offers Astrology Birth Charts, Horoscope Predictions, Ganesh, Pooja, Gem Stones for Sale.


A colorful, interesting New Age site for the young crowd!